MWISM Ally Membership

Joining Minority Women in Sports Medicine, Inc. as an ally means that you are an individual who actively supports and advocates for the goals and initiatives of MWISM. Additionally, allies are invited to participate exclusively in MWISM’s Educational Enhancement Series events. **

What does it mean to be an ally? 

  • Supporting Diversity and Inclusion: Allies actively endorse and promote diversity and inclusion within the field of sports medicine, with a specific focus on supporting minority women.
  • Advocacy: Allies use their position and influence to raise awareness about the unique challenges faced by minority women in sports medicine and work towards equitable opportunities.
  • Amplifying Voices: Allies amplify the voices of minority women, ensuring their contributions and achievements are recognized and celebrated.
  • Participating Actively: Allies actively engage in educational events, initiatives, and discussions within the organization to contribute to its mission. 
  • Commitment to Change: Being an ally is a long-term commitment to effect positive change in the field, addressing systemic barriers and working towards a more diverse and fair environment.