Invest in Women.

Karen Velderrain Ramos, 2023 Winner


Diverse Perspectives. Minority women bring unique perspectives and insights to the field, enriching the overall understanding of sports medicine and leading to innovative solutions and approaches.

Alanni Connor, 2020 Winner


Representation Matters. Increased representation of minority women in sports medicine can inspire future generations to pursue careers in the field, creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce that reflects the populations they serve.

Camryn Caldwell, 2023 Winner


Addressing Health Disparities. Minority populations often face healthcare disparities. By investing in MWISM, we can continue to work to bridge these gaps, providing better access to quality care and tailored treatment options.

Marquita Parker, 2023 Winner


Cultural Competency. Minority healthcare professionals oftentimes better understand and can address the specific cultural, social, and physiological factors that influence the health and performance of athletes from diverse backgrounds. 


It’s Time To Level the Playing Field 

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